Fiagon is an electromagnetic based surgical navigation company that seeks to improve patient outcomes by enabling physicians with easy-to-use, integrated navigation solutions.Company has meticulously engineered a smart, intuitive, and simple navigation system that tracks Fiagon surgical instruments directly at the tip. Further, thay pursue innovation by centering their development process around the physician, delivering navigation solutions that allows seamless, unobtrusive integration into their surgical environment. In short, Fiagon believe the safety of surgical navigation should be available to all patients so they have developed a system that allows surgeons to provide patients with exactly that. Fiagon instrumentation contains proprietary technology that allows physicians to manipulate the shape of the instrument while maintaining accuracy. They have further differentiated themselves by dramatically reducing the footprint of the navigation system, giving physicians more working room; thereby improving efficiency. In sum, Fiagon pride themselves in their revolutionary approach to surgical navigation, providing physician and patient value simultaneously.


RAUMEDIC has a comprehensive manufacturing know-how in the fields of extrusion, injection molding and assembly for medical and pharmaceutical components and systems. RAUMEDIC has a wide range of assembly possibilities at its disposal, using all common manufacturing technologies, such as punching, printing, tip forming, thermoforming, assembling/bonding, packaging and microchip technology. The product portfolio includes plain tubing, tubing sets, catheters and electronic measuring instruments. State-of-the-art plants and fully-automated process technologies are the pillars of cost-effective production. In close cooperation with physicians RAUMEDIC develops and manufactures high precision pressure measurement systems with microchip technology and a plethora of accessories for the indication areas of Neuromonitoring and Traumatology. The main thought of the company is “Our goal is to open up new ways and possibilities for maintaining the quality of life and for the restoration of the health of those who suffer from diseases.”


Founded in 1993, MEDIANA Co., Ltd. is making efforts to develop products that can contribute human society based on medical technologies that measure vital signs and revitalize heart function. Mediana is continuing in its efforts to become a truly global market leader in the medical equipment industry. Through continuous research and development investments, Mediana is working to become a true global market leader in the medical device industry by developing new products such as monitor/ defibrillators, AEDs and patient monitors that form a major product line today. Mediana mission is to satisfy customers’ needs by developing, manufacturing and selling products that can contribute to human society based on medical technology that measures vital signs and revitalizes heart function. Mediana will continue to provide creative technology to diversify their products, and to provide better medical solutions to create synergies and to achieve their goals.


Shenzhen Delica Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, Delica is the national high-tech enterprise which is engaged in high-tech medical equipment research and development manufacturing.  Delica is always focusing on neurology medical equipment product research and development, production, marketing and sales, especially in Transcranial Doppler (TCD), Multi-functional Vascular Ultrasound System (MVU), and Digital Electroencephalogram etc. Delica products are becoming more and more extensive in application of academic research, and the number of published academic articles which had used Delica equipments from domestic and abroad are also increasing.  The company’s product strategy is for global users, and research and development the advanced medical equipment and provide medical data applications, providing for patients with individual miniaturization, portable equipment at the same time.  The world has entered the era of brain science at present, Delica owned brain research which needs of high-end EEG, cerebral blood flow, continuous noninvasive blood pressure etc. core technology combination. Delica will contribute to its own strength for the research and application of heart and brain science!   


NEOS Surgery is an innovative technological company, with offices in Barcelona and San Sebastian, dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of medical devices in the field of neuro,  spinal and other surgical fields.  Another major key activity of NEOS Surgery is the continuous participation in sustainable R&D projects in collaboration with third parties. NEOS Surgery was born in October 2003 as a micro-SME that combined the efforts of neurosurgeons with two Technology Centres with a sound reputation and professionals specialized in the Medical Technology sector:  EURECAT Foundation and TECNALIA Research Corporation. NEOS team has an extensive expertise in working with several biocompatible materials, such as PEEK, and in developing products that must meet the highest technology and continue to set new standards in terms of quality. Their cranial fixation system, Cranial LOOP is the first cranial bone flap fixation clamp made of PEEK. NEOS Surgery’s continuous mission is to capture the demands of the surgical market to develop innovative products aimed to redefine the gold standard of quality care. Their philosophy is “think out of the box”.


Medical Device Management Ltd (MDM) operates in two business sectors;

  • Quality Systems, Regulatory Compliance and other support services for both new and established medical device companies to meet the varied national and regional medical device regulations.
  • Design and manufacturer of medical devices both under the MDM brand and for our clients including the aepEX depth of anaesthesia monitoring system and electronically controlled tourniquets

MDM’s clients are located around the world and range from start-ups employing two people to international companies employing 60,000 staff. There is no typical client or service, every client receives support services tailored to their needs which can change to meet the current needs of the product’s or organisation’s life-cycle. Products range from the smallest nanoparticle to hospital beds, from lasers, electronics and software to pneumatics, and include, aseptic, sterile and implantable devices.


INOVYTEC specialize in the design, development, and marketing of critical care treatment for first-line solutions, Company’s focus is on providing innovative solutions able to grant safe and efficient treatment to patients undergoing medical emergency event. Inovytec’s solutions are designed to save lives where the first few minutes are crucial, and dramatically increase the survivability chances of out-of-hospital emergency victims. Inovytec’s vision is to provide efficient live-saving devices for use by any first-responders, Anytime. Anywhere.


IDMED, a French company based in Marseille, develops and markets innovative medical devices in the fields of anesthesia and intensive care. Their products are used worldwide in operating theaters, intensive care units, neuro-ophthalmological consultations and research laboratories. Their products are commonly used in the areas of pupillometry, neuromuscular blockade monitoring and analgesia monitoring. The NeuroLight provides accurate and reliable pupil size and reactivity measurement of patient’s to fine tune the neurological diagnostic in Intensive care units. The AlgiScan and the MAPstation utilise pupillometry technique for the measurement of the pupillary dilation reflex which indicate the patient’s level of analgesia to the anesthetist. IDMED develops products in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Innovation, reliability and relevance are the core qualities of our devices. We put our technical knowledge to the service of an improved everyday clinical practice.


John Cadwell, BSEE, MD designed the first microprocessor controlled EMG instrument. In 1979 he and his brother Carl, DDS, formed Cadwell Laboratories, Inc. and began selling their device. Since then, Cadwell has been a leader in the development and manufacture of innovative and reliable instruments for neurophysiology. Many of these instruments have been providing decades of service to their owners. Numerous patents are held by Cadwell, including those for magnetic stimulators, cable shielding designs, neural network analysis of EEG and database designs. Today, still located in Kennewick, Washington, John and Carl continue ownership of the company and come to work everyday to develop and market products ranging from EMG to EEG to PSG to IONM instrumentation and more. Cadwell has a firm hold of its identity and a dedicated focus on neurophysiology. The benefits of owning a Cadwell system are numerous. Our development team understands and delivers what you need. Everyone at Cadwell stands behind our products and we all have the same goal – to keep you as a loyal, devoted customer long into the future. Experience The Cadwell Difference – Since 1979 Advancing medical technology to help you, help others.


Tissuemed is a UK-based medical technology company with a reputation for innovation dating back over twenty years. The company has its origins in the development of tissue-based therapeutic devices including development of the first tissue heart valve to gain regulatory approval in Europe.
Following divestiture of the heart valve business in 1999, Tissuemed focused its considerable scientific expertise on the development of surgical sealants. Five years of research and development yielded the TissuePatch™ product family, which is now at the core of the company’s activities. These unique surgical films have been designed specifically to help surgeons to effectively seal tissues against leakage air, blood and other fluids, including Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF).