Монитор внутричерепного давления


World`s unique telemetric ICP measurement.
For parenchymal ICP-Measurement, RAUMEDIC is offering the transdermal telemetry system. The telemetry pressure catheter NEUROVENT-P-tel is fully implanted below the scalp onto the cranial bone. The MPR 1 DATALOGGER measures and displays not only ICP (intracranial pressure) and temperature during the wired measurement, but also oxygen partial pressure and stores the values in the device.

Clinical advantages:

1. Wireless communication with the telemetry catheter
2. Completely implantable pressure measuring catheter
3. USB data transfer to PC / laptop possible
4. Mobile patient monitoring for inpatients
5. Use of the telemetry catheter for up to 3 months.
6. Display of ICP, ART, CPP and temperature is possible with applicable catheters



The portable NeuroLight provides an absolute measurement of the pupil size and the photomotor reflexes of patients. Healthcare professionals have access to reproducible and precise measurements in order to establish a fast and objective assessment. The calibrated flash of light produces a controlled non-aggressive stimulation of the retina. The pupil size and reactivity are daily measurements and part of the protocol for the critically injured or ill patient. They are essential in the clinical monitoring and neurological assessment of the patient. The NeuroLight charts the measurements taken for trend and variation analysis of the pupil size and reactivity. NeuroLight incorporates an optical system that eliminates any calibration step before use.


The AlgiScan uses pupillometry technology to measure the level of analgesia of the patient in an objective way. This method, widely published and documented has shown its relevance and its strengh for the evaluation of the level of sensibility to nociception and in the prediction of the haemodynamic reactions to nociceptive stimuli. These fast and accurate measurements provide unequalled precision while protecting the eye from any lesion or drying out. With its integrated lighting system the practitioners can carry out the routine clinical monitoring of pupil size and photomotor reflex with the added benefit of reliable measurements. Thanks to its small size it is possible to use the AlgiScan on all types of morphology and to have an easy access to the pupil for measurement in PACU and ICU. The AlgiScan is a handheld and intuitive device for the assessment of analgesia adapted to patients in any situation. Its reusable and autoclavable eyecups save ongoing costs. The design and the selected materials of the AlgiScan provide ergonomic and perfect comfort for the patient while suppressing the influence of ambient light on the results.



The Mediana M30 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor is a compact, portable, multi-functional major parameter monitor with ECG, Omron NIBP, Nellcor SpO2, respiration, one channel temperature, and standard one-hour internal battery. The M30 is compatible with the Respironics LoFlo Module, adding CO2 measurement capabilities. The 8.5″ LCD display features large numbers which enable you to see all of the vital sign’s parameters clearly under any circumstances. 96 hours of graphical tabular trend enables you to review comprehensive stored data (saved at 20 second intervals). DC power outlet enables you to use in an ambulance and other transport environment. 


The YM6000 is a sophisticated monitor using the best technologies. The dynamic linear deflation NIBP module guarantees greater patient comfort, shorter measurement time and improved accuracy for all adult, pediatric and neonate patients. The new Sp02 module with sensors lets you take full advantage of the ongoing advances in pulse oximetry. Up to 24hrs tabular and graphical trends show all parameters to support clinician`s decision at every necessary time. Central monitoring system displays real time and dual waveforms (Standard model] or 4 analysis waveforms enable a single clinician to care 8 to 16 patients effectively.



The aepEX PLUS system dynamically measures the balance between hypnosis, analgesia and surgical stimulation using Auditory Evoked Potentials (AEPs), providing the anaesthesia community with the a fast, accurate and compact depth of anaesthesia monitoring system utilising proven technology.




JMS Infusion pump (OT-701) is designed for precise infusion of both general  parental solution and solution with high surface tension offers utmost operational  performance and convenience with its easy-to-set adjustment and compensation functions. Applications include continuous infusion at operation room, ICU, CCU or general ward, chemotherapy, TPN, Interal nutrition, infusion of oxytoxics and anti-cancer drug. It allows the usage of multi-purpose infusion set from children to general function. Variations in drip size as changed by the influsion flow is automatically corrected by a built-in program in the pump to administer intravenous fluid over a long period of time without error.


JMS Syringe Pump is designed to infuse  various fluid medication precisely and  continuously with a disposable syringe. Application include infusion of anti-cancer  drugs, hormones and anesthetics, infusion  of nutrition, vasodilators and vasopressors  in ICU, CCU and NICU and administration of nourishment and enteral nutrition to  premature or new born babies. It is easy to set-up and use with twin  micro-computers monitoring for added  safety. A plunger holder is attached to the  syringe check sensor for various syringe  applications. Smooth injection becomes possible even at  the time of micro-injection to control the  flow. The Syringe Pumps can accommodate  10, 20, 30, 50 ml syringes.

реанимационный чемодан


BLUE CROSS emergency medical sets for resuscitation and first aid are composed of tools and devices that allow to carry out the following four functions:

  • restoration of airway patency
  • aspiration (manual suction)
  • artificial ventilation
  • oxygen inhalation

BLUE CROSS emergency medical sets were made in accordance with international standards and ideal for use by doctors and Junior medical personnel in different places: intensive care units of clinics, hospitals, maternity hospitals, medical units, in cars and emergency stations, in accidents in the mountains, on the coast or on Board the ship, at any temperature and weather conditions.


Microdialysis data are now provide in real time, continuously. The Values are displayed both numerically and graphically like curves, to simplify the interpretation. The system is completely automated and can run up to five days without any manual interruption. The unique MD system continuously monitors the tissue or blood metabolism. It is developed for routine use in the Critical Care patients in the intensive care Units.

The MD systems offers:

  • Continuous monitoring of Glucose, Lactate and Pyruvate
  • Easy to use and robust for up to five days monitoring
  • Automated, plug and play system