Навигационная станция


A uniquely small and compact navigation system meticulously designed with you in mind. In line with our company approach, we have packed the power of navigation into a small system that maximizes your workflow, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your patients.

For the following aims:

  • Neurosurgery;
  • ENT, rhinosurgery;
  • ENT, ear microsurgery;
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.


Fiagon offers a reimagining of surgical instruments with unprecedented versatility. All of our instruments feature direct navigation, meaning we’ve engineered microsensors into the distal tip of our instruments allowing you to flex, bend, and control your instruments with seamless accuracy.

Пленка хирургическая самоклеящаяся


TissuePatc is a synthetic, self-adhesive surgical sealant for the avoidance and resolution of leaks in surgery. It is particularly effective in adjunctive closure of lung tissue to minimise air leaks during thoracic surgery procedures. TissuePatch™ requires no advance preparation and can be applied straight from the pack. It can be used in open and thoracoscopic procedures, for which a dedicated delivery and application system is available. By helping surgeons to achieve an airtight closure the product helps in the avoidance of post-operative complications associated with leaks. This means it can contribute to shorter patient stays and reduced healthcare costs.

Cranial LOOP cranial fixation devices

Cranial LOOP cranial fixation devices are a smart system made of PEEK-OPTIMA™, a biocompatible polymer, for securely fixing bone flaps resulting from craniotomies.
It is completely instrument-free due to its fast and easy ‘Pull and tighten’ action, which allows the surgeon to fixate a standard bone flap in less than a minute with only three devices, thus achieving optimal stability and excellent esthetic results.


Microdialysis data are now provide in real time, continuously. The Values are displayed both numerically and graphically like curves, to simplify the interpretation. The system is completely automated and can run up to five days without any manual interruption. The unique MD system continuously monitors the tissue or blood metabolism. It is developed for routine use in the Critical Care patients in the intensive care Units.

The MD systems offers:

  • Continuous monitoring of Glucose, Lactate and Pyruvate
  • Easy to use and robust for up to five days monitoring
  • Automated, plug and play system


Easy III includes a broad range of powerful features to meet all of your monitoring needs in clinical EEG, long term monitoring and cEEG monitoring for critical care patients. With a system optimally designed for each testing environment – fixed in-lab systems, portable cart, laptop and ambulatory configurations – Easy III provides a comprehensive solution for the contemporary neurodiagnostic laboratory.


The Cascade Elite is a reliable, time-tested IONM system with all modality monitoring, dynamic montaging, and remote monitoring.

The Cascade Elite supports

  • Cascade Surgical Studio software
  • 32 channels and 64 inputs
  • Auditory and visual stimulation
  • High and low current stimulation with the ES-IX 2 and electrical stimulators
  • Transcranial stimulation with the TCS-4 and TCS-1000
  • Electrosurgery detection
  • Noise detection


Cadwell sells a wide variety of electrodes, cables, adapters, prep supplies, stimulators, cases and carts to complement its portfolio of equipment.